One of a number of supplies in a World War II era First Aid kit, this bottle of Lysol was used as a disinfectant and germicide, for use in the treatment of infections like tuberculosis, diptheria, syphillis and typhoid.

The first aid box has two sections - bandages and ointments. It has a carry handle and two hooks at rear for hanging on the wall. Mrs Aldred, the former owner, acted as a First Aid Volunteer in World War II. Her house was inspected for its capacity to hold people in an emergency. It could accommodate 10 people and the kit needed to cater for that number.

Physical Description

A clear brown coloured glass bottle with a plastic lid and paper label with red ink text. The glass is moulded with text 'NOT TO BE TAKEN'. Bottle contains approximately 80mL of Lysol solution. The solution contains not less than 50% cresylic acid.

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