Letter of two hand-written pages to Roy on Monday (no date). Later page(s) missing. Almost certainly from a girlfriend who lives in Clarence St, East Brunswick, who describes domestic activities and disasters, photos, etc. Found under the floorboards of The Gallery, Great Hall, when replaced in 1989.

From 1940 to 1945 the Exhibition Building was occupied by the Royal Australian Air Force as a training school. About 500 to 700 men lived in for varying periods of time. When the floorboards on the balcony level of the Great Hall were replaced as part of the restoration program, many items dating back to the 1940s were found. These provided an insight into the lifestyle and interests of RAAF personnel stationed in the building.

Physical Description

Handwritten page of letter in faded blue ink on white lined paper. Page damaged by holes.


This letter is significant as a rare and unintended survivor of a war-time romance in Melbourne. Its sender is identified as Roma Wright. A Roma Wright is named in the Argus on 25 July 1946, page 8 - one of a group of debutants, all hairdressers, at the cabaret ball of the Master Ladies Hairdressers' Association in the St Kilda Town Hall. On 30 June 1947, p.7, the Argus reports that Roma Wright of St Kilda has married Harold Anderson and has sailed to the United States - so presumably Harold was American. It is not known if this is the same Roma Wright who wrote this letter.

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