Medal - Australian Total Abstinence Association 1885 (AD)
Mint: not recorded
Other Details: This is a medal of the Australian Total Abstinence Association. The Society was one of several organisations in nineteenth century Victoria established to promote temperance, oppose the extension of hotel licences, and educate children and adults about the dangers of alcohol. Others were the Order of the Sons of Temperance, the International Order of Good Templars, and the Band of Hope.

Physical Description

A lead medal (39 mm diameter holed for wearing on a ribbon) featuring St. Patrick and a crusifixion scene, the wearer vowes to abstain fron intoxicating drinks for life. Makers name or artists initials have been removed from the obverse exergue.

Obverse Description

St Patrick standing facing 3/4 left extending shamrock in right hand, behind, a rising sun; around, AUSTRALIAN TOTAL ABSTINENCE ASSOCIATION * ST. PATRICK APOSTLE OF IRELAND PRAY FOR US *

Reverse Description

Scene from the crusifixion when a Roman soldier offers Christ aspounge, below, I THIRST; around, I PROMISE TO ABSTAIN FROM ALL INTOXICATING DRINKS DURING MY LIFE 1885

Edge Description


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