Gilt medal issued by the Independent Order of Rechabites, Mitchell Tent, Bairnsdale, before 1903. The Independent Order of Rechabites (IOR) is a Friendly Society which provides a range of services to its members. The IOR began in Salford, England in 1835. It came to Australia in the mid 1800s and became established first in Tasmania. In 1847 it was established in Victoria, then spread to other States. Members of the IOR were provided assistance during times of sickness, death and hardship.

Physical Description

A gilt medal (22 mm diameter) featuring a tent with the letters IOR above the door and details of the Bairnsdale Order.

Obverse Description

At centre a tent with the letters IOR above the door around above MITCHELL TENT / No. 143 around below, V.D.S.U. NO. 82 BAIRNSDALE

Reverse Description


Edge Description


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