Program for the production of Sacrifice of Abraham, in Cretan dialect, performed in Adelaide in 1951. It has been Autographed by the director Nicos Dimitracopoulos, who was director of the Athens National Theatre. It was sent to Lili Sigalas by Dimitracopoulos.

Dimitracopoulos also directed a production of Sophocles' 'Antigone' in modern Greek at the Union Theatre, Melbourne University in 1951. A theatrical milestone, Antigone was probably the first production of Greek tragedy in Greek in Victoria. Lili Sigalas had a minor part in the play, and was instrumental in organising the logistics of the production and was an active interpreter.

Physical Description

Paper program with four pages. The front page has a picture of Nicos Dimitracopoulos and has been signed by him in blue ink. There is extensive text which has been printed in green and is in the Cretan dialect. The picture and text are enclosed by a boarder of green diamonds and circles.

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