Bell & Howell Movie Camera, purchased by Letho Sigalas in America in 1939. In 1939 Letho and his wife Lili went on a tour which included America. Letho was the son of James Sigalas, a Greek migrant who settled in Australia in 1901 and opened the Anglo-American café in 1906, and the Centenary café, in the mid 1930s, both in Bourke Street. Letho worked in his father's café's and in 1920 was engaged to his cousin Lili Vrahamis. The couple were married in Melbourne in 1923 and had two daughters Danae in June 1924 and Magarita Babette in 1931. Letho passed away in 1964.

Physical Description

Filmo Double Run Eight Movie Camera. It has an oval shaped metal body and a one inch cooke anstigmat lens. There is a dial for adjusting the settings according to the season, weather and environment on one side, and a brown fabric wrist strap attached to the bottom of the camera.

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