School certificate received by Lili Sigalas (nee Vrahamis) for her schooling at Constantinople Central Greek High School from 1918-1919. The Subjects listed are Greek, French, Mathematics, Home Economics, Religion, Drawing, History, Geography, Physics and Handcrafts.

Lili was born in 1904, and lived in Istanbul with her mother until the end of World War I, when they moved to Athens, where her father had been teaching during the war. As her father was unable to settle a dowry on her he ensured she was quite well educated. In 1922 Lili migrated to Australia to marry Letho Sigalas. The couple were married at the Greek Orthodox Church on Victoria Parade, Melbourne in 1923. Lili was active in the Melbourne Greek community and was a member of the International Club and the Greek Red Cross. She passed away in Melbourne in the 1990s.

Physical Description

Certificate printed in Greek in blue ink, portrait orientation. Centred text surrounded by blue border of running design. Hand written signatures in black ink at lower left and right. Circular stamps in purple ink at lower left, below signature. Signature in black ink at reverse of certificate, upper edge.

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