Copy of the newspaper Farrago for the 29th of March 1951, pages 1 to 8. It has an article about Nicos Dimitracopoulos and his production of 'Antigone'. In 1951 Nicos Dimitracopoulos directed a production of Sophocles' 'Antigone' in modern Greek at the Union Theatre at Melbourne University. A theatrical milestone, it was probably the first production of Greek tragedy in Greek in Victoria. Lili Sigalas had a minor part in the play, and was instrumental in organising the logistics of the production and was an active interpreter.

Farrago is the independent Melbourne University student newspaper. It has been published since 1925. Its content is written entirely by students under the direction of the editorial team.

Physical Description

Section of the newspaper Fargo, pages one to eight. There is extensive text in black ink. The paper has been folded twice.

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