Letter from Lili Sigalas to her daughters Danae and Babette, written at sea on route to Los Angeles, on the Matson Line, 12 June 1939. It was written during Lili and Letho Sigalas' 1939 tour of North American.

Lili Sigalas (nee Vrahamis), born in 1904, migrated to Australia in 1922 to marry Letho Sigalas. The couple were married at the Greek Orthodox Church on Victoria Parade, Melbourne in 1923. They moved in a very sociable set, composed of their own young Greek cousins. They had cars, sophistication and some affluence. They had two daughters Danae in June 1924 and Magarita Babette in 1931. They travelled abroad together in 1930, 1939 and 1960. They were in Greece when war was declared in 1939.

Description of Content

Letter from Lili Sigalas to her daughter's Danae and Babette, written on the 12 June 1969. Lili begins by telling the girls that she and Letho will be arriving in Los Angeles early tomorrow morning. She notes that they need to be up by 6:30am and she does not know how she will manage as she never gets up before 11am and never eats breakfast as she finds this is the only way to keep her weight down. She then requests that Danae weighs herself and let's Lili know in her next letter. Lili then describes their time in Honolulu, the lovely people they met and the sights they saw. She described disembarking from the boat in Honolulu, seeing the beautiful landscape and being greeted by a Hawaiian band and native girls signing Hawaiian songs, although she did find it disappointing that the 'natives' were all dressed in European clothing. She finishes by noting that she has been writing from every port so Danae and Babette must have a good collection of letters. She urges them to write every week, otherwise herself and Letho will be very unhappy. She signs the letter with lots of love and kisses from Mummy.

Physical Description

Cream coloured A5 size page folded in half with letterhead in upper left corner printed in blue. Handwritten in blue ink on each side of paper.

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