Two score boards for Bezique, circa mid 19th century. They were brought to Australia by Lili Sigalas (nee Vrahamis), when she migrated in 1922 to marry Letho Sigalas. They were originally owned by Lili's mother. Lili and Letho were married at the Greek Orthodox Church on Victoria Parade, Melbourne in 1923. Lili was active in the Melbourne Greek community and was a member of the International Club and the Greek Red Cross. She passed away in Melbourne in the 1990s.

Bezique, is a 19th century French melding and trick-taking card game for two players. It was developed in France from the game Piquet and gained its greatest popularity in Paris by 1860 and in England a few years later.

Physical Description

Two small polished wooden blocks with numbered pins along two sides which are pulled up to indicate a score.

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