Alternative Name(s): Knitting Book, Pattern Book

Black and white booklet titled 'Knitting for the Forces'. Cover features painted image of cheerful-looking army, navy and air force personnel. Includes patterns for three pillovers, a cardigan, balaclava, mittens, socks, scarf and skull cap.

During World War II, families on the 'home front' were encouraged to make useful items for the military forces, particularly knitted clothing. This had a two-fold purpose: it provided a supply of homely and practical clothing for the forces, and it gave anxious people at home something to focus on, and a sense that they were making a contribution.

In this case, the booklet also promoted G.J. Coles stores, where the knitter could buy Coles brand wool.

Physical Description

Black and white booklet. Cover features painted image of army, navy and air force personnel, looking cheerful and sturdy. Some creasing in upper right of front page.

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