Booklet titled 'Housing the Australian Nation' written by Frederick Oswald Barnett & Walter Oswald Burt and published by the Left Book Club in Victoria, 1942.

During the 1930s and 1940s both Barnett and Burt were involved in discussions about the problems of housing reform and the slum-abolition movement. Both men were appointed to the Victorian Housing Commission when it was first established in 1938 and both declined reappointment in 1948, being somewhat disillusioned by the social problems that had emerged when tenants were moved from slums to new estates.

Housing the Australian Nation focuses on establishing a mass housing program 'we must build thousands and thousands of houses until the shortage of housing is overcome' and slum abolition 'we must demolish houses unfit for human habitation and replace then with houses that are fit. This means a tremendous amount of demolition and replanning in the inner suburbs and great expansion in the outer suburbs.'

Physical Description

Booklet with cover image of a birds eye view of suburban houses. The title is written in white text against a red background.

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