Colt 1849 Pocket model percussion revolver, cal. .31 in., rifled octagonal barrel 151 mm (6 inch) long with loading lever attached.

Made by Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Co, Hartford, Connecticut. Serial number 48405, 1853.

Physical Description

Five chambered cylinder engraved with stagecoach hold-up scene lightly worn but still visible, small rounded brass trigger guard with light remnants of silver plating, steel frame, brass back strap with light remnants of silver plating, wooden grips, pin style front sight heavily worn. Knurling on hammer is course style. Barrel address is two-line New York address. Inspector's intial 'G' stamped onto triggerguard below serial number, 'H' stamped onto barrel lug above the serial number, 'R' stamped onto trigger guard right hand side triangle. Rammer pivot bolt has been replaced with a brass rod. Main spring and action defective.


The 1849 Pocket Model, also termed the New Pocket Model, was the singular most popular Colt handgun of the nineteenth century with its production (including the Baby Dragoon models) running from 1848 to 1872.

Perceived as an improved continuation of the 1848 Baby Dragoon, it differed through the addition of a loading lever, rectangular cyclinder stops with guides and adopted the stagecoach hold-up scene, in place of the military themed soldiers and indian scene of the Baby Dragoon.

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