This is a letterpress clam shell platen printing press, manufactured by Golding & Co., USA in 1892. Letterpress is a term used to define the process of printing from a raised surface, be it type or block. The term takes it origins from the act of pressing a letter onto another substance, usually paper.

The machine was a hand fed, treadle operated platen. A storage compartment beneath the machine carries three spare inking rollers.


The machine is No. 10, and therefore is one of the earliest models made.

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    Information & Communication

  • Acquisition Information

    Long-term Loan from Library Council of Victoria, 11 Nov 1975

  • Manufacturer

    Golding Manufacturing Co, Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America, 1892

  • Inscriptions

    Label on door plate: Pearl Press No 14 Golding & Co Boston Phila. Chicago Serial Number 10 Cast label on side: 1892 Cast label on treadle: Pearl (The foot pedal has a rectangular shape with the word 'Pearl' in raised letters)

  • Classification

    Communications, Printing, Printing presses

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    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    125 cm (Length), 75 cm (Width), 140 cm (Height)
    The size of Pearl Presses is designated by inside chase measurement. The chase fits into the bed and holds the type matter. A Pearl No. 14 has an inside chase measurement of 9" x 14"

  • Other Dimensions

    380 mm (Length), 280 mm (Width)
    Bed dimensions

  • Other Dimensions

    380 mm (Length), 280 mm (Width)
    Platen dimensions

  • Other Dimensions

    400 mm (Length), 44 mm (Width)
    There are two rollers on the machine and three spare inking rollers in the base.

  • Keywords

    Printing, Printing Equipment, Printing Presses