Introduced in 1924, the 12-24 was the smallest tractor in the range of tractors made by the Hart-Parr Company in Iowa, USA. Hart-Parr were one of the earliest manufacturers of internal combustion engined tractors beginning in 1902. The twin-cylinder, 5½ inch bore x 6½ inch stroke (139.7 mm x 165.1 mm), 27 horsepower (20 kW) 12-24 model tractor was intended to compete with the massively popular Fordson and was produced in three models (E,G & H). In 1929, Hart-Parr merged with the Oliver Chilled Plow Company and became part of the new Oliver Farm Equipment Company. The Melbourne agent for Hart-Parr tractors was T. Robinson & Co. Pty Ltd of Spotswood, who also produced their own range of agricultural equipment. Hart-Parr produced a 12-24 'Australian Special' for the local market, but this was discontinued after the merger with Oliver.

Acquired from the Seymour Historical Society in 1986. It had previously been restored by the Australian Army as an apprentice training project in 1975.

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