Colt Pocket Positive centrefire revolver, cal. .320 in. New Police, rifled round barrel 87 mm (3 1/2 in) long.

Made by Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Co, Hartford, Connecticut, serial number 116586, 1926.

Physical Description

Six chambered long fluted cylinder with cylinder stops on outer surface, cylinder is a swing-out model to allow for loading and extraction, cylinder is at present jammed. Solid steel frame, steel rounded trigger guard, steel back strap, all metal components with good original blueing, but some wear across cylinder high spots and frame, black two-piece finely chequered hard rubber grips with the word 'COLT' in an oval frame at grip upper on both sides. Bladed front sight, cylinder catch on frame L.H.side. Ejector rod head missing. Stamped on L.H.side of frame above grip is the rampant Colt logo. Stamped under grip on R.H.side '7'. One-line Colt address stamped on barrel with second line of patent dates.


The original name given to this small .32 model was 'New Pocket' and that designation was used from 1895 when the model was introduced until 1905. From this date onwards the model name was changed to 'Pocket Positive' and production continued under this name until 1943 when manufacture was discontinued. The Pocket Positive is essentially an improvement and continuation of the earlier New Pocket model. Among the improvements performed on the Pocket Positive was the reshaped cylinder safety catch and chequering on both safety catch and hammer spur to faciliate better grip. Later Pocket Positives used the Colt matted frame in order to prevent reflection and glare and therefore acted as an aid in sighting. Both raised ribs on the frame top were cut with transverse grooves to offer this matted effect. This model does not have this feature.

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