Flintlock pistol, cal. 34 bore (approx. .510), steel smoothbore round barrel with central spine, 27.60cm long.

Described formerly as Circassian, late 17th century, though this attribution is perhaps too specific unless supported by additional material, and a more generous description would attribute to the Caucasus region and stretching as far down as Albania.

Physical Description

Steel miquelet side lock and hammer on R.H.side wth gold inlay, lock and hammer a dark patina and inlay worn overall, no triggerguard, steel ball trigger. Wooden stock covered in leather, probably shark or ray hide, with repairs to leather on front portion of stock, extends to approx. 0.50cm from muzzle. Ball butt and back of grip sheathed with niello decorated metal fasten with pins to stock, barrel secured to stock with a chased silver band.

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