Percussion double barrelled pistol, cal. 29 bore (.540). Muzzle loading, smooth bore, superimposed barrels 4 in. (102 mm) long, bored from a solid block & mitred at the corners, barrels are pivoted on a central axis & revolved by hand, overall length 9 in. (229 mm).

Made by Reilly, London, circa 1850. Joseph Charles Reilly and his son Edward Michael Reilly opwerated from Oxford Street, London from 1848.

Physical Description

"V" notch backsight, nickel silver blade foresight let into barrel. Box lock with side hammer, oval steel trigger guard, spring stop on left hand side of lock, steel screws in vents under nipples. Chequered wooden stock, steel butt cap with cap recess, silver monogram plate. Lock box engraved with foliate scrolls.

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