Flintlock musket, 17 bore (cal. .660), steel taped smooth bore octagonal barrel with slight belled muzzle, 140.40cm long, blued tang with engraved and punched decoration.

Made by Berthon Bourlier Et Fils Aine, St. Etienne, France, circa 1820.

Originally of French manufacture and subsequently adorned with Arabic decorative motifs for the Arab market. Square shield framed on right hand.side butt contains Arabic script, possibly from the Koran, framed by border of inlaid silver wire.

Physical Description

Steel side lock and hammer on R.H.side, hammer lightly pitted, ecliptical brass triggerguard with long finial extensions, brass cast sideplate depicting a hunting scene in relief with a deer, two dogs and a hunter. Rear sight appears to have been removed and the barrel inlet filled with a corresponding piece of metal, pin front sight missing. Wooden stock extends almost to muzzle, but suffers damage at muzzle end, carved and extensively inlaid with silver wire in foliate motifs across stock and around lock area, inlaid crescent moon on back and eight pointed star below tang followed by an inverted heart shaped escutcheon and a pink stone set into the front of butt comb. Brass butt plate engraved with foliate and floral motifs. Steel ramrod with light decorative chiselling at muzzle end. Barrel original attached to stock via barrel pins which have been removed and replaced by four punched brass bands, inlet pannel on R.H.side of stock for brass plate surrounding barrel pin still visible.

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