Cased pair of flintlock pistols, four barrelled.

Case of wood, with central brass monograph plate and handle engraved with the initials 'RC'.

Made by John Knubley, London active at Charing Cross 1786-1794), circa 1790.

Physical Description

Screw off brass barrels grooved at muzzle for barrel wrench. Box lock action with steel sliding safety catch on right hand.side, rounded steel trigger guard with engraved floral motif, steel hammer and frizzen plate, wooden grips with flat sides, brass butt cap with floral motif, silver escutcheon on back of grips left plain on both examples. Brass lock box engraved with foliate motifs and 'LONDON' on right hand.side and military accoutrements and 'KNUBLEY/ [illeg.]ING CROSS' on left hand side. A steel turning tap and slide mechanism allows the barrels to be fired in turn. Inside of case lined with green baize and trade label of Philip Bond, Gun Maker and Sword Cutler, No.45 Cornhill London, on inside of lid. Upper left bullet compartment damaged, baize lining on inside bottom of case stained and torn in areas.

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