Percussion pepperbox revolver, cal. .344 in., six blued barrelled, 81 mm long. Made in Birmingham, late 1840s or early 1850s.

Frame marked 'J.W. Rosier Melbourne'. Rosier was a Melbourne gunsmith and dealer, active in business from 1856-1916. The revolver is likely to have been retailed or resold considerably later than the date of manufacture.

Victoria Police assigned serial number: 40401VP.

Physical Description

Steel triggerguard, trigger and bar-hammer, chequered wooden grips secured by a single screw framed by a steel inlay with engraved foliate motif, flat butt with nickel silver butt cap, slight gap between grips and butt cap on both sides, nickel silver frame, engraved on both sides, down backstrap, on butt cap, triggerguard, and on bar-hammer with foliate scrolls, has a shield to protect the nipples.

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