Flintlock duelling pistols, cased pair with accessories, cal. 25 bore (.546), smooth bore, swamped octagonal damascus barrels, browned, 25.40cm long with gold brushed vent.

Made by Robert Wogdon, London, circa 1790.

Physical Description

Barrel attached to stock by two fixing keys. Steel side lock with saftey catch and hammer on R.H.side, steel triggerguard with spur and acorn extension, light remnants of blueing, hair trigger, and ramrods mounts. Back sight is a wide U notch set on tang, brass bladed front sight set in top barrel flat. Wooden stock with flat sides on grip extends almost to muzzle, semi-round butt with steel butt cap foliate engraved, wooden ramrod. One ramrod has a horn end, the other has been replaced at some point with a wooden one. Oak case with brass fittings, handle and escutcheon inlaid on lid engraved 'I.M.'. Lined with a course green lining, two opposing side compartments with cast lead bullets and wadding swatches, and a central compartment containing powder flask and pewter vent hole cleaner with prick. Lining is of a coarse material and shows colour variation in places, suggesting it may have been relined, possibly even within the item's working life. No trade label attached to the inside of the lid, which is characteristic for Wogdon.

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