Percussion pepperbox revolver, cased with accessories and detachable stock, cal. .440 in., six barrelled, 12.10 long. Cased.

Made by Isaac Hammond, Winchester, England (active 1843-1867), circa 1850

Physical Description

Steel oval triggerguard, trigger, bar-hammer and sliding safety catch, plain wooden grips secured by a single screw framed by a steel diamond inlay with light engraving, lightly rounded butt with steel butt cap with cap recess, nickel silver frame, engraved on both sides, down backstrap, on butt cap, triggerguard, and on bar-hammer with fine foliate scrolls, has a shield to protect the nipples. Backstrap recessed to accept detachable stock. Barrels at muzzle end have engraved border motif and are numbered at breech end 1 through to 6. Wooden detachable stock with steel mounts and butt plate with fine foliate engraving. Mount coupling with sprung lock and release pin at wrist end of stock. Wooden cased lined with a red pile fabric and with Hammond trade label, partly damaged, attached to inside of lid. Written on label in upper right in black ink is '1835' and 'N/L'. Accessories include: detachable wooden shoulder stock, brass powder flask, screw driver, cleaning rod and a steel oil contained stamped on its base ''JAMES. DIXON/ & SONS/ SHEFFIELD'. Inlaid escutcheon on top of case lid missing and lid cracked across full width.

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