Tranter 3rd model double trigger revolver, cal. 442 in (54 bore), rifled blued steel octagonal barrel 15.20cm (6 in) long

Made by William Tranter, Birmingham, serial number 14221T, circa 1862. Retailed by Henry Richards, Liverpool.

William Tranter's 3rd model percussion revolver was the first of his percussion models to be built upon the improved, raked frame. Unlike the 2nd model, the rammer and lever were in a two-piece assemble, with the rammer pivoting on the lever arm. The model was the last of Tranter's double-trigger models, the 4th model, while built on the same raked frame as the 3rd, using a single trigger mechanism.

Physical Description

Light foliate engraved loading lever attached to L.H. side of frame. Five chambered cylinder polished, light foliate engraved blued solid steel frame, triggerguard and buttcap, polished steel spurless hammer and trigger, inverted 'Y' safety spring on frame L.H.side, 'S'-shaped arbor latch on frame R.H.side, chequered wooden grips, pin front sight with mushroom top broken, notched rear sight.

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