Percussion sporting rifle, double barrelled express (Elephant gun) 10 bore (cal. .775), steel slightly tapered damascus round barrels, 61.40cm long.

Made E.M. Reiley & Co, London, late 19th century.

Physical Description

Rifled with two grooves and with a raised central rib and lead sights for 50, 100 and 150 yards, steel side locks on left hand and right hand.sides, oval steel triggerguard with long finial extension and back spur, steel butt plate, patch box lid, sling swivel eyelets and ramrod tubes. Lockplates, patchbox lid, triggergaurd and hammers engraved with fine foliate scrolls. Wooden half stock chequered at wrist with steel ramrod mount at foreend, patch box on right hand.side of stock and old museum registration number - '11114' - stamped into wood of stock on right hand side, vacant nickel silver oval escutcheon inlaid in stock underside. Wooden ramrod with brass tips at either end, not original ramrod.

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