Colt 1847 Whitneyville-Walker percussion revolver, Cal. .44 in., rifled round and semi octagonal barrel 228 mm (9 inch) long with loading lever attached.

Made by Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Co, Hartford, Connecticut, 1847.

The customary method of numbering this model was prefix the lettering A, B, C, D or E COMPANY to numbers ranging from 1 to 200. This example is stamped on the triggerguard as 'B COMP No78' and on the left hand side of the frame as 'B COMPANY No 78'. All variations of the Walker models were produced in 1847.

Physical Description

Six chambered cylinder with oval locking slots, square back brass trigger guard, steel frame, steel back strap, 'Slim Jim' style wooden grips, blade front sight. Barrel wedge enters from R.H.side. Knurling on hammer is of course style, previous repair to loading lever rammer in bronze. This model is typically not stamped with a numerical serial number, but rather a company stamping. The steel surface of this firearms is pitted overall through corrosion which appears to have then been cleaned off. As a result, stampings are hard to discern, and in some cases illegible.

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