IBM "JX" computer, mid 1980s personal computer, designed as a home unit instead of the more expensive XT and AT models, used infra-red-linked keyboard.

The JX computer was one of IBM's biggest marketing mistakes. It was introduced as a cutdown version of the IBM personal computer, but the poor graphics, and infrared connected keyboard (which ignored laptop use interrupted by a table edge!), plus the semiotically stupid advertising campaign (featuring a Charlie Chaplin lookalike) doomed it to failure.

Physical Description

Processor & drive: dark grey rectangular metal box with disk drives, ventilation grills and plug-in sockets and mains lead and plug. Grey computer monitor with a main lead and connector cord to the rest of the computer. Dark grey QWERTY keyboard. Computer is accompanied by: Connector Cord Box of Cleaning Instruments Magnetic Track Visualiser Printer Ribbon & Reels Terminal Blocks Tape Unit Cleaner Maintenance Handbook Reference Manual In-House Handbook Guide to Operations, printer Typing Tutor program Private Tutor program 75th Anniversary of IBM, book, 1989

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    Information & Communication

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from IBM Australia Pty Ltd, 21/03/1996

  • Manufacturer

    International Business Machines (IBM), United States of America, circa 1985
    Manufacturer & Designer.

  • Inscriptions

    Most items have the IBM logo and other text. Processor & Drive: Front: IBM(logo) / IBM(logo) Sticker on top: THIS DEVICE IS TOP BE USED / FOR IBM MANAGEMENT / APPROVED PURPOSES ONLY Side: (two IBM barcode stickers) Back top right: IBM(logo) / 5519 / Manufactured by / IBM Japan Ltd Tokyo Japan / Made in Japan / Type 5519 / S/N 99 - 02799 / (text) Back bottom right: IBM(logo) / 5511 / Manufactured by / IBM Japan Ltd Tokyo Japan / Made in Japan / Type 5511 / S/N 99 - 04560 / (text)

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    Computing & calculating, Digital computing, Microcomputers

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    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    495 mm (Length), 290 mm (Width), 160 mm (Depth)
    Dimensions of processor and drive.

  • Part Dimensions

    320 mm (Length), 370 mm (Width), 307 mm (Height)
    Dimensions of monitor.

  • Part Dimensions

    370 mm (Length), 185 mm (Width), 38 mm (Depth)
    Dimensions of keyboard.

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