Horse brass: openwork with heart of shield in centre. Type: cast brass. Comments: item has the remains of one stud on back possibly from the casting process. There is some cracking at the base of the central design. Type: cast brass. Date: circa 1825-1939.

'The Heart is one of the basic three designs incorporated in all horse brasses and it is commonly used on the check rein. It has always been a popular design for amulets and its association with the horse seems to go back to very ancient traditions. According to Egyptian lore "the heart must remain unimpaired on its journey through life, for, on the Day of Judgement it will be carefully weighed and only when it is found perfect will the owner regain his youthful strength of limb" (R A Brown - Horse Brasses - Their History and Origin). It was used as protection for the physical heart but also ensured the bearer long life.' (Illustrated Guide to Horse Brasses, CD, 2007)

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