This wax model is based on a specimen presented to the museum by the Geelong & Western District Agricultural & Horticultural Society in 1875. The model was made in the museum by Thomas McMillan. See also Reg. Item 13529.

Synonyms: Colonial Kentish Fillbasket, Fillbasket, Kentish Fillbasket of the Colony. This apple is an early variety said to have originated when William Mobbs brought apple pips to Australia in 1796 and planted them in his 30 acre crown grant. One seedling bore fruit and was named Mobbs Royal. William Mobbs was a pioneer orchardist in the Carlingford, N. S. W. District. He died 25 December1839. See letter dated 4 January 1932 from I. A. Mobbs, and entry in 'A-Z of Australian Fruitgrowing' by Herbert J. Rumsey.

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