Model of the Royal Australian Navy Modified Leander class Light Cruiser (6980 tons) HMAS Perth. Originally built and commissioned in 1936 as HMS Amphion, Perth was purchased by the Australian government and commissioned as an RAN ship in 1939. During her delivery voyage from Britain, Perth stopped in New York to take part in festivities related to the 1939 New York World's Fair. After the outbreak of war in September 1939, Perth was retained in the West Indies to carry out escort and patrol duties to prevent German merchant ships escaping from neutral ports. After arriving in Australia, Perth spent most of 1940 on escort and anti-raider patrols around Australia. In December 1940 Perth joined the Mediterrannean fleet to replace HMAS Sydney and was engaged in a series of actions against the Italian navy, Malta convoy escort and in support of the campaigns in Greece and Crete. In July 1941 Perth took part in naval operations off the coast of Syria in support of the occupation of the Vichy French colony by allied troops including the AIF 7th Division. After returning to Australia in late 1941 Perth was refitted in Sydney and patrolled off the east coast. After the war against Japan began in December 1941, Perth took part in naval operations in the Netherlands East Indies as part of the ABDA Command against the Japanese Java invasion force. After several engagements Perth attacked Japanese destroyers covering transport ships and was sunk in the Sunda Strait on 1 March 1942 with the loss of 353 men. Survivors were captured by the Japanese and 106 died in captivity.

This model was purchased by the Museum in 1941 from the modelmaker Mr E.J. Krummeck. It is one of a large collection of British and Australian naval ship models made by Krummeck.

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