Model of the Royal Sovereign class Royal Navy battleship (29,150 tons) HMS Ramillies. Built by William Beardmore & Co. at Dalmuir and completed by Cammell Laird, launched in 1916, Ramillies served during World War One with the Grand Fleet. Ramillies was modernised during the interwar years but a lack of speed made her design obsolete by 1939. During World War II Ramillies escorted troopship convoys from Australia and New Zealand. In late 1940 Ramillies joined the Mediterranean Fleet and took part in several gun actions against the Italian Navy. In 1941 Ramillies served in the Atlantic on convoy escort duties and took part in the hunt for the German battleship Bismarck in May 1941. While with the Eastern Fleet in May 1942 Ramillies was damaged in an attack on Diego Suarez harbour, Madagascar by Japanese midget submarines. This attack was timed to coincide with a similar operation against Sydney Harbour. After repairs, Ramillies took part in the naval bombardment supporting the D-Day landings in France. In 1945 Ramillies was placed in reserve and was scrapped at Cairn Ryan and Troon in 1948-49.

This model of HMS Ramillies was purchased from the modelmaker Mr E.J. Krummeck in 1941. It is one of a large collection of British and Australian naval ships made by Krummeck.

Physical Description

Waterline wooden model of grey naval ship with central tower, mast and four sets of double barrel mounted guns on wooden decks.

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