C. P. T. Model Phoenix dedicated word processor, circa 1982, with 'ergonomic' curved keyboard (with function keys on the left and a numeric keypad on the right). The monochrome visual display unit is of the 'A4 page' type. The central processing unit has two 3½ inch (?) disc drives and is marked "Phoenix JR". A separate power supply provides +5,+12, -12, +26 volts D.C. Made by C.P.T. in the United States of America (except the power supply which was made in Japan circa 1979).

Company also known as CPT (Cassette Power Typing) Corporation.

Physical Description

Monitor: light coloured rectangular monitor with connector cable Mains Transformer Unit: beige rectangular box with main socket at one end and computer cable at other. Double Disk Drive: beige rectangular box with two disk drive openings at front and Computer cable attached to rear Keyboard: computer QWERTY keyboard with cable. Mains Cable: length of mains cable with plug at each end.

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