Alternative Name(s): Booklet

'Field Almanac' - a small paper book with a brown cover, printed in 1917 in the United Kingdom. Contains useful everyday information including things like a metric conversion table, a population list of countries of the Empire and medical notes. The book is one of many souvenirs brought back to Australia after World War I by soldier Sergeant John Lord.

It would appear that Lord himself purchased the book, rather than it being issued by the AIF. However it was clearly published, and probably compiled, by the British or Australian Army. It does not appear to have been used extensively because it is in a good condition.

From the collection of World War I veteran John Lord. Lord served in the 13th Field Ambulance and returned to Australia in 1919 with many postcard books, European souvenirs and wartime memorabilia.

Physical Description

Small book held together with staples. Front cover is light brown with a matching back cover, and inside there is blue ink printed on white paper. The book contains not only text but also numerous charts. Contains information on the sunrise and set, the moon, metric conversion, latitudes and longitudes, and weight.

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