Portable index typewriter of the type-wheel class, manufactured by Wernicke, Edelmann & Co., of Berlin, Germany, and marketed by the Columbia Typewriter Company of New York, U.S.A. Production began in 1897 and ceased in 1910.

The typewriter incorporates a type-wheel with three rows of characters held above a cylindrical platen. A pivoted handle is moved around a curved index, marked with letters, numbers and other characters, until the desired character is reached. Movement of the handle also rotates the type-wheel to bring the selected character to the printing point. Pressing the handle down presses the type-wheel down on to the paper and platen. As the type-wheel descends it brushes against an inking roller. Three keys to the left of the index mechanism provide shift and spacing functions.

Physical Description

Black metal frame. Cylindrical rubber platen. Type-wheel with three rows of characters supported above platen. Inking roller mounted below type-wheel. Curved index with characters marked in black on white background. Pivoted handle linked to type-wheel moves along index to select character. Black metal cover over index mechanism. Three additional keys to left of index mechanism.

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