Alternative Names: Poonah Figure, Poona Figure

This clay figure of a man carrying bundles on his back was made in Pune in India in the latter half of the nineteenth century. It was exhibited as part of a group of figures representing various castes, occupations and religious sects. Such figures were exhibited at International Exhibitions and often won awards. This figure was accessioned by the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in 1867 as a purchase from Stubb and Co.

Physical Description

Figure of a man on a wooden base. The base is painted red, turned wood. The figure is plaster/composition modeled over wooden dowels, it is painted and dressed in fabric. He has a dark brown skin tone. His garments consist of a red cloth turban, a shirt of red and white cotton, a white sash and white trousers. He has painted red shoes and has two large cloth bundles slung across his shoulders. He is also holding a piece of folded paper in his right hand.

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