Alternative Names: Poonah Figure, Poona Figure

This clay figure of a Palanquin with an Officer inside was part of a series of 82 Indian clay figures purchased from Stubb and Co for £9.10 in 1867 by the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). The group of figures, which came from Pune (Poonah), represented various castes, occupations and religious sects in India. The NGV Stock book records identify the figure as a 'Palanquin with Officer inside, a Peon or Messenger with a letter'.

Physical Description

Man in a palanquin being carried by four men, with another man standing alongside, all on a wooden base painted orange, green and white. A paper label is glued to the base. The Palanquin is made of Mica, wood, copper and textiles. The figures are made of plaster/composition modeled over wooden dowels, and are painted and dressed in fabric. The figures are dressed in trousers, coats and waist sashes, the figure standing alongside also wears the red shoulder sash of a Peon and holds a piece of paper in his left hand.

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