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Sheet music for 'The Anzac Marseillaise: Australia's Own National Song' and 'Sons of Dear Australia'. The pages have been laminated.

'The Anzac Marseillaise' was written by Albert James Smith and celebrates the efforts of the Australian troops during the early stages of World War I, including the Gallipoli campaign. According to a newspaper article in the Brighton Southern Cross the song was published in August 1916. Albert Smith (#18458) enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force on 23 March 1917 and served as a private with the 12th Field Ambulance. He returned to Australia in July 1919. Albert also composed 'Give Me Dear Australia.'

'Sons of Dear Australia' was written by A.F. Stanley and urges young Australian men to enlist. Both songs emphasise the relationship between Britain and Australia, demonstrating the dual loyalties of many of the Australian troops. A.F. Stanley also composed 'Abide With Them.'

Patriotic songs like these were written during war-time to boost morale and to encourage enlistment.

Physical Description

Laminated booklet of printed sheet music and lyrics. The title of the booklet reads 'The Anzac Marseillaise' and this piece of music covers most of the pages within the booklet, including a single, double sided page which is unattached to the rest. The back cover records the music and lyrics for 'Sons Of Dear Australia.'

More Information

  • Collection Names

    Military Memorabilia Collection, Returned and Services League (RSL) Collection

  • Collecting Areas

    Public Life & Institutions

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Victorian Branch, Returned & Services League of Australia Limited (RSL), Mrs G. Andrew, circa 1986

  • Date Written

    Australia, 1916

  • Composer

    Albert J. Smith - Australian Imperial Force (AIF), Brighton, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1916

  • Composer

    A F. Stanley, Australia, 1914-1919

  • Inscriptions

    Printed in blue ink along the top of the front cover: 'Australia's Own National Song! / Dedicated to the ANZAC HEROES / Written and Composed by / A.J. SMITH ; FOURTH EDITION' Printed in blue ink as the title on the front cover, surrounded by a wreath: 'THE / "ANZAC" / MARSEILLAISE' Printed inside the booklet, front cover: 'Extra Verse / Hats off once more, to the Rich or the Poor, / Bravely they fought and fell; / Trying to say, as they passed away, / Come, Lads, and give us a spell! / Duty's well done, glories they won, / Fighting to keep us Free; / Like Kitchener the Brave, Old England to Save, / And Australia the best o'er the Sea. // With British Blood, we'll always be the same, / And keep up the Anzacs' GLORIOUS NAME.' Printed in blue ink, on the single sheet: 'THE ANZAC MARSEILLAISE / [extensive music and lyrics on both sides of the page]' Printed in blue ink inside the booklet, back cover: [extensive music and lyrics] Printed in blue ink on the back cover: 'Try this over on your Piano! Australia's Greatest [word obscured] / Sons of Dear Australia. / Words and Music by A.F. STANLEY / [extensive music and lyrics]'

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    Military history, Service, Music

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    History & Technology

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    257 mm (Width), 357 mm (Height)

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    507 mm (Width), 357 mm (Height)

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    257 mm (Width), 357 mm (Height)
    Dimensions of each sheet.

  • References

    'Songs of war and peace: patriotic and popular,' Australian Government, at: [Link 1] accessed: April 23, 2014 "ANZAC MARSEILLAISE." Brighton Southern Cross (Vic. : 1914 - 1918) 12 Aug 1916: 3. Web. 23 Apr 2014 <[Link 2]>

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    Military Memorabilia, World War I, 1914-1918, Music Scores, Patriotism