Typewriter of the type-sleeve class, manufactured by the Chicago Writing Machine Co. of Chicago, USA. Originally known as the 'Munson' and made by the Munson Typewriter Co., this machine incorporates a cylindrical sleeve carrying the type characters. The sleeve is mounted on a rotatable shaft on which it can slide right or left. Depressing a key moves the sleeve to bring the selected character into position where a hammer is tripped to drive the paper and ribbon against the character. The type-sleeves are easily interchanged. The most recent patent date listed on the machine is May 3 1892.

QWERTY keyboard layout except that Q key has been moved to left-hand end of front row.

Physical Description

Black metal frame. Standard three-row QWERTY keyboard, except that the 'Q' key has been moved to the front row, to a position to the left of the 'Z' key. White circular keys with black lettering.

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