Two passenger hansom cab designed to be drawn by one horse, manufactured by Simmons & Sons, Coachbuilders, South Yarra, 1880s. Hansom cabs first appeared on Melbourne streets in the 1880s. They were built by local coachbuilders working from English designs. The driver, seated behind, could control the opening and closing of the doors, preventing passengers from running off without paying their fares.

In 1899 there were 218 registered hansom cabs in Melbourne. Cable trams and the motor car led to their demise, although a few could still be seen about the streets into the 1930s. Hansom cabs were named after J A Hansom, their English designer.

Physical Description

Hansom cab designed to be drawn by one horse. It has seating for two inside and an open seat at the back for the driver. It is painted black and decorated with a red and green stripe on each wheel, a green stripe on body and red on shafts.

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