AT50 transmitting triode with a plate dissipation of 50 watts. Made by M. O. Valve Co. (G.E.C.), England.
Cathode; probably in excess of 100 watt output power. Filament voltage 8.1 volts, current 2.8 amp.

The AT50 was based on the Marconi-Osram type T50 and produced for the British Army. The prefix 'AT' means that it is an Army Transmitting valve.

Physical Description

Consists of glass envelope with 3 terminal base, and, at other end, a screw terminal for anode. Spring tensioned, directly heated cathode. Spherical glass bulb with two cylindrical necks top and bottom. The top neck carries a metal top cap with a knurled captive nut for connection to the anode. The bottom neck carries a metal shell with three radial metal arms carried by a cylindrical block of insulating material. The radial arms have hook-shaped ends to allow them to be clamped into suitable screw terminals, providing connection to the filament and grid. The exhaust tip is on the side of the spherical part.

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