Typewriter of the typebar, radial strike class made by the Remington-Noiseless Typewriter Corporation of Middletown, Connecticut, U.S.A. in 1926. The Remington company took over the sales and manufacturing of Noiseless typewriters from the Noiseless Typewriter Company in 1924.

The typebars of this machine are arranged in a fan-shaped configuration with the type slugs carrying the characters located on the ends of the typebars at the narrow end of the fan. When a key is pressed the typebar slides forward to press the character against the ink ribbon, paper and platen. On the Noiseless No. 6 each typebar carries four characters and is controlled by two keys. Using the shift key together with the two character keys allows any one of the four characters on the typebar to be selected.

Physical Description

Metal frame with black finish. Cylindrical platen on carriage. Ribbon carried between two spools on vertical axes. Fan-shaped typebasket with 22 radial plunger typebars in front of platen. Each typebar carries four characters on end of bar. Four-row QWERTY keyboard with 44 character keys. Additional 'BACK SPACE', 'SHIFT LOCK', 'SHIFT KEY' keys on left hand side of keyboard, and 'MANUAL RELEASE', 'TAB', 'SHIFT LOCK', 'SHIFT KEY' keys on right hand side. All keys circular and white with black lettering, except for 'TAB' key which has red lettering. 'SHIFT' keys larger than other keys. Full-width spacebar at front of keyboard.

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