Leaflet detailing the French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau's visit to the 4th Australian Division's operations at Hamel on 7 July 1918 and his speech to the troops. He refers to the successful Hamel operation as 'not such a very great battle' - although it had cost troops suffered 1,062 Australian casualties with 800 killed.

The speech ends: 'I have come here just for the very purpose of seeing the Australians. I am going back to-morrow to see my countrymen and tell them: "I have seen the Australians. I have looked in their eyes. I know that these men who have fought great battles beside us in the cause of freedom will fight alongside us again until the cause of freedom for which we are battling is safe for us and for our children."' The leaflet concludes: 'The Australians who had been listening to this fine speech from the Grand Old Man of France, gave three tremendous cheers for France, which affected him greatly. He then called for three cheers for Australia, and left to go back to Paris.'

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Single page with text printed on one side

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