Photograph of 'Duke and Officers of Air Force at Pt Cook', identified subsequently in the database as the Duke of Windsor. However, some doubt exists over identity of the duke depicted.

The photograph is part of a collection of material associated with the service of Australian Flying Corps photographer and later RAAF trainer Flight Lieutenant Norman Henry Clutterbuck, the maternal uncle of the previous owner Ray Kerby.

In 1920 Edward, Prince of Wales, later the Duke of Windsor, visited Australia in a post-war gesture of thanks. He was welcomed by aeroplanes flown from the Central Flying School at Point Cook on 26 May, and was farewelled on 12 June by more aeroplanes from Point Cook. It is not clear, however, if he actually visited Point Cook during his three-week visit to Victoria. Then, on 20 April 1927, his brother the Duke of York did visit: ' the great delight of all ranks of the Royal Australian Air Force in Victoria, No. 1 Flying Training School at Point Cooke was visited by the Duke of York on the morning of April 20 [1927]. At the Duke's own request no special preparations had been made to receive him. He made an informal visit, and inspected the station under normal working conditions.' (The Australasian, April 30 1927, p.42)

The Australian Air Force, created in January 1920 to replace the Australian Air Corps, was granted the King's consent to become Royal Australian Air Force on 13 August 1921. Point Cook, the base of the Royal Australian Air Force, was established in March 1913 as a base for the Central Flying School. It remained a flying training base until 1992

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Group of men in military uniforms, with older man in dark three-piece suit, holding a walking stick, at centre. All wear hats.

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Black and white photograph on paper.

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