Two photographs of the opening of the new Parliament House, Canberra, 9 May 1927, featuring the Duke (later King George VI) and Duchess of York.

The Age newspaper recorded the following day that 'The great building of Parliament House, standing out stark and square from its surrounding open spaces, flew all its flags. The steps to the front entrance were richly carpeted. The reds and golds of the draperies surrounding the seats looked bright in the sun. There were official guests on scats adjoining the building, and thousands of non-official guests on scats further out. The Duke and Duchess arrived practically to time, and Dame Nellie Melba's voice rose in the National Anthem as they came. The ceremony in the Senate chamber, including the reading of the King's message and the Duke's clear-spoken utterance as he declared Parliament at Canberra open, was all in accord with plan. After that there were more speeches, inspections, marches, a military review, an afternoon meeting at Parliament, and a social gathering at night. With its banners drooping heavily and its smaller flags fluttering through the dusk, Canberra ended the most eventful day of its young and far-reaching life.'

The photographs are part of a collection of material associated with the service of Australian Flying Corps photographer and later RAAF trainer Flight Lieutenant Norman Henry Clutterbuck, the maternal uncle of the previous owner Ray Kerby.

Description of Content

One photo depicts crowds in a parliamentary chamber, facing a royal representative seated in the Speaker's chair. Most of those depicted are men, but women sit to the right of the Speaker's chair. The other photo depicts dignitaries on steps of Australian Parliament.

Physical Description

Black and white photograph on paper.

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