Small mourning card printed in memory of nurse Edith Cavell, 'murdered by the Germans at Brussels', 12 October 1915. Printed by Burgess Printers, York Place, Strand, London, as a memento at the time of Nurse Cavell's burial at Norwich Cathedral on 15 May 1919.

Edith Cavell served as a nurse with the red cross in Belgium during World War I. On August 5, 1915 she was arrested by the Germans on the charge of assisting allied troops to escape to Holland. After being held for nine weeks, Edith confessed and was brought to trial. She was sentenced to death by firing squad, along with her accomplice Philippe Baucq, and was executed on 12 October 1915. Her execution received widespread media coverage and on 12 October 1918 Queen Alexandra unveiled a memorial in Tombland, Norwich. The memorial was moved in 1993 to beside the Erpingham Gate, near Norwich Cathedral. After the War her body was brought back to England and after a service at Westminster Abbey was interred at Norwich Cathedral.

Physical Description

White card with black lettering, wreath with 'in Loving Memory' inside. Black and silver border on front, back and the inside of the card. Picture of Nurse Edith Cavell on the inside.

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