Typewriter of the type-bar upstrike class, manufactured by the Remington Standard Typewriter Manufacturing Company of Ilion, New York, U.S.A. This machine is a Remington No. 5, one of a series of so-called 'blind writers' made by Remington where the characters are printed on the paper on the underside of the platen and are not visible to the operator until the platen is raised. With the later Model No. 10 of 1908 Remington finally switched to the 'visible writer' configuration in which the printed characters were visible of top of the platen.

The type-bars of the Model 5 are arranged in a circular type-basket with the bars pivoted at the top. When a key is pressed the appropriate type-bar swings up and strikes the ink ribbon and paper against the underside of the platen. The carriage carrying the platen is pivoted at the rear so that it can be raised.

Physical Description

Black metal frame decorated with gold lining. Type-bars pivoted at top of vertical circular type-basket strike upwards against cylindrical platen. Platen on carriage with plated metal fittings. Wooden paper feed roller behind platen. Detachable paper guide attaches to rear of carriage. Carriage pivoted at rear. Ink ribbon carried between two spools on horizontal axes. Four-row QWERTY keyboard with 42 character keys plus one 'UPPER CASE' key to left of keyboard. All keys circular, white with black lettering. Full length spacebar in front of keyboard. The key for the character 'H' is broken off but is still present as a loose item.

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