The Austral Salon studio camera and stand, manufactured by Baker & Rouse Pty. Ltd., Australia, 1908.
This classic style of studio camera was used by Miss Francie Young in her photographic studios in Collins Street, Melbourne, in early nineteenth century. The camera was described in Baker and Rouse advertisements as '...of the finest workmanship'. It was made of mahogany with brass fittings and incuded a patent arrangement for supporting the extended leather bellows. It has a Voigtlander & Sohn portrait 355mm. lens (no. 18207) with six Waterhouse stops. Designed to take large format glass plate negatives, 381mm x 305mm, down to whole plate size, 120mm x 165mm back. Equiped with a folding base board making the camera suitable for both studio and field work. The camera includes a studio tripod stand with rack and pinion height adjustment.

Physical Description

Mahogany studio view camera and tripod with square leather bellows.

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