Aircraft History

The Hart was one of a series of two-seat bomber and army cooperation aircraft designed by Hawker Aircraft Ltd. Chief Designer Sidney Camm designed the Hart as a day bomber fitted with a Rolls-Royce Kestrel engine. The prototype flew in June 1928 and entered service with the RAF in 1930. Other aircraft based on the Hart design included the Demon, Hind, Audax and Hartbees. It remained in RAF service during World War II as a training machine. The Demon two-seat fighter version served with the RAAF from 1935 to c1944 and a surviving example is held in the RAAF Museum collection.

Model History

This 1:24 scale model was donated to the Museumm by Hawker Aircraft Ltd in 1953. The Museum acquired the model in 1953 as a result of the 'Jubilee of Flight' exhibition at the former Science Museum of Victoria in 1953-54 where it had apparently been displayed. It appears to be a factory model used for promotional or display purposes.

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