Aircraft History

The North American Aviation F-100 Super Sabre was the result of a company design study for a supersonic fighter to succeed the F-86 which could exceed Mach 1 only in a dive. Approval for a prototype was received in 1951 and the first example flew in 1953, reaching 754.99 miles per hour and setting a new world air speed record. Production models were the F-100A, C, D & F versions using the General Electric J57 engine. During the Vietnam War the USAF operated the F-100C & D models as ground attack aircraft and in the anti-Surface to Air Missile (SAM) role to combat the SA-2 SAM used by North Vietnam. The F-100 also served with the Danish, Turkish, Taiwanese and French air forces. It was withdrawn from USAF service in the 1980s.

Model History

This 1:32 scale model was commissioned by the Museum and built by Mr B.D. Hede in 1957.

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