Typewriter of the typebar front strike class, manufactured in 1913 by Bernhardt Stoewer AG of Stettin, Germany. The company, an established manufacturer of bicycles and sewing machines, began producing typewriters in 1903. In 1909 Stoewer introduced the 'Record' typewriter which was marketed in England as the 'Swift' by the Swift Typewriter Company of London. After World War I an attempt was made to manufacture the 'Record' in England as the 'Conqueror' but the venture failed and only one typewriter was produced.

Physical Description

Black-finished metal frame. Plated metal fittings. Cylindrical platen 248 mm (approximately 10 inches) wide. 44 typebars in semicircular horizontal typebasket. Typebars strike on front of platen. Ink ribbon carried between two spools on vertical axes. Four-row QWERTY keyboard with 44 character keys. 'SHIFT KEY' key to left of keyboard, two 'SHIFT KEY' keys to right. Spacebar along front of keyboard. All keys circular within metal rings. Keys have black lettering on white background.

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